RAUM AUF ZEIT, the independent agency for temporary use, is looking for temporary spaces in Oldenburg for your cultural projects.

Oldenburg is to become a creative city and increasingly develop an urban attitude to life: Public space is becoming a place of exchange and inspiration. Creative minds are looking for this lively and interactive street scene. Interim use offers this free space for utopias, improvisation, trial and error and creates encounters between creative people and those interested in culture.

The development of a city is a coherent whole: In a growing city like Oldenburg, living space is becoming scarcer and vacant areas are being redensified. On the one hand, free space for cultural workers and artists is becoming more expensive; on the other hand, social and economic change, especially in the inner cities, is leading to more frequent vacancies. The temporary use of vacant spaces creates a positive added value for owners, the urban society and for creative people.

How does interim use work at RAUM AUF ZEIT?

RAUM AUF ZEIT is an initiative funded by the city's cultural office that promotes the use of vacant spaces in Oldenburg. We are always on the lookout for vacant spaces that are potentially playable in Oldenburg. 

This means that we are not usually able to offer a wide range of playable vacancies for interim use. Rather, we respond to the needs of the inquiries we receive. The only important condition for us is that your project has a connection to art and culture. Because we do not decide whether you are suitable or not. Everyone who has a concrete idea in this area is welcome to join us in looking for spaces to implement it. So feel free to report new vacancies to us, also in the city districts! We also have the outskirts of the city on our radar screen, but we can only provide support in the districts when called upon and cannot actively register vacancies ourselves. Please use the form "Search for rooms" for your precise room request!

Once we have received your request, we will search for a suitable vacancy for you and contact brokers and owners for your project. We are not a real estate agency and do not mediate all empty spaces in the city, which means that we actively search for vacancies. This can sometimes take some time. 

Once we have found a room for you, we will visit it to clarify the conditions of the interim rental with the owner. If a contract is signed, we offer you a contract template for the interim use and help you with any permits that may need to be obtained. We will gladly advertise your project, as long as it complies with the ethical guidelines of our work, including through our social media channels and website.

Our services cost you nothing.

We are looking forward to your requests for your creative interim use and are happy to support you in your project plans!

You want to learn more about creative temporary use at RAUM AUF ZEIT, temporary use ideas in general or PLACEMAKING? Then you can find more information on all these topics here!


the team of RAUM AUF ZEIT 

RAUM AUF ZEIT has its office in the Poly-Haus (Am Stadtmuseum 15, 2nd upper floor)

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