re:claim PLACE

a project by RAUM AUF ZEIT in the context of the re:claim Festival 2022.

RAUM AUF ZEIT asked Oldenburger:innen: What does a cultural place for all look like to you? Numerous answers were collected via surveys on social media and the NWZ.
From the answers "Die Jungs Wandgestaltung" created a work of art that was painted together on the square on 26.06.2022 with the accompaniment of "Die Jungs Wandgestaltung", RAUM AUF ZEIT and Bürger:innen.

In this way, a public square that has been largely unused by citizens will be transformed into a place that invites people to come together and think about urban design. By temporarily designing the square with abstract street art, RAUM AUF ZEIT wants to give space to the utopia of a free and communally designed public place and encourage the citizens of Oldenburg to continue to design the square with their ideas. The asphalt artwork should subtly draw attention to the square - created by citizens for citizens for a more colorful, livable city.

Below you can see excerpts from answers that were sent in and that are the basis of the street art.

Concept: Pia Wienholt

cultural inclusive colorful modern urban cozy regional diverse mobile community young & old

"a place of gathering"

"an open-air cinema"

"a small sports and recreation area e.g. 2 concrete benches, 1 concrete ping pong table, 2 basketball hoops"

"a fine outdoor kart track."

"a beach field with a nice modern playground and a beer garden right next to it"

"a beer garden with children's play corner"

"a few trees with green space and pond or stormwater retention pond"

"a tiny houses place"

"a skate rink also for roller skates".

"a giant fruit meadow" 

"An open air area. Is right by the train station, so easy to get to and no one is bothered by the noise as the trains are just as loud."

"a Watt En Schlick in miniature size. Urban culture, bands from the city and region, graffiti by Oldenburg greats, installations now and then, a meeting place for young and old of all nations, religions, etc."

Music Cinema Sports Art Dance Floor Seating Children's Playground Beer Garden Skate Park Fruit Trees Basketball Bicycle Course Exhibitions Streetfood workshops Café Playground Beach Field Kart Track Tiny Houses container Place etc.

"My idea, which I've been carrying around for a long time, came about because I live nearby and often practiced cycling there with my daughter during the closed months. How great would be a painted/sprayed on bike course or creative traffic practice area for kids with mobile obstacles where the little ones could practice riding tricycles, running bikes, bicycles, scooters, etc. like crazy. In addition, a few mobile seats for the parents and a (green) demarcation to the parking lot. Especially on weekday market days, when so many families sit in the small area in front of the registrar's office and could NOT let their kids run free, this would be a perfect place to meet and play. Rolling field instead of parking lot."

"Our idea would be to equip the area with mobile units, for example with overseas containers - that's hip and contemporary, and also: mobile, so can be cleared at any time. A cultural use for the containers would be obvious with photo exhibitions, workshops and lectures, perhaps in combination with the offer of a small café. That would be an ideal complement to the cultural offerings in the Alte Maschinenhalle and the productions of the Staatstheater in the Exerzierhalle."

"To liven up the square, the idea would be to design a place where many small street food carts with food and drinks, permanently integrated in the square, could find a place. These could, for example, be laid out with a green area so that guests can sit comfortably in front of them. In addition, there could then be street or live music or artistic activities in the center to entertain the guests. Ideally, there would be a small stage for this, so that the guests have a view of it from all sides. It would also be conceivable to have a small dance floor in front of the stage so that the guests can also move around. Furthermore, a canopy could be established for bad weather, such as at the Tanzbrunnen in Cologne."

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