Our team

Das Team von RAUM AUF ZEIT von links nach rechts: Jan Bunte, Mareike Urfels, Velat Agackiran, Pia Wienholt, Michael Hagemeister

Our team

We think good ideas should be put into practice. 

We are happy to help you find the right space for your project in the form of interim use and advise you on the implementation and possible promotion of your idea. And that free of charge. 

The four of us are resourceful, creative and experimental in our mission to make interim use simply possible and are very much looking forward to meeting you! 

Michael Hagemeister HE/ HIM

Managing director

Michael is a double bass player and cultural manager and founded RAZ. For him, vacancy is a SPACE ON TIME for all creative ideas... and a way to create free space for a common urban development.

and other: www.staatstheater.de www.meisterkultur.de

Pia Wienholt SHE/ HER

Managing director

Pia is a cultural manager. Her heart beats for subculture. In order to offer people a space to realize their utopias, she joined RAUM AUF ZEIT. Because City for All means space for everyone. For participation. For more togetherness. For quality of life. For trying things out. For culture alongside high culture. For urban design by and with everyone.

and other: www.instagram.com/vielvielkollektiv/

Foto von Pia Wienholt

Mareike Urfels SHE/ HER

Mareike is a cultural scientist and has been organizing projects for a long time. She is at RAUM AUF ZEIT because creative interim use is dedicated to the transformation of cities and creates new places of encounter for art and culture and urban society. City for all. Space for all. Culture for all. RAZfatz!

and other: www.kulturtafel-oldenburg.de

Velat Agackiran HE/ HIM

Velat is a passionate content creator and wants to get involved in the cultural scene in Oldenburg. Through his work on Instagram, he wants to highlight the diversity of people and their stories and works. His primary goal is to give local culture the attention it deserves. He is particularly fond of the techno scene and would like to use his work to help bring Oldenburg's cultural scene even further into the spotlight.   


Jan Bunte HE/ HIM

Jan is versatile (busy). He has long been interested in cultural life - both inside and outside the city. His first contact with RAZ came about in 2022 through NUTZEN - Day of creative interim use and now he is on board for the short to medium term. Revitalizing empty spaces - with whatever - is imperative! Especially in Oldenbeezy

and other:  www.janbunte.de & www.wattenschlick.de

You will find us in the Poly-Haus (Am Stadtmuseum 15, 2nd floor).

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