Unter dem Begriff „Placemaking“ versammeln sich Ideen und Ansätze verschiedener und ineinander übergreifender Fachrichtungen mit dem Ziel, Plätze für Menschen und nicht nur für Autos oder Einkaufszentren wahrzunehmen, weiterzudenken und auszugestalten. Es geht darum, Lebensräume zu erschaffen. Und darum öffentliche Orte und Plätze als Begegnungs- und Nutzungsorte für die Anwohner:innen zugänglich zu machen und die soziale und kulturelle Identität eines Ortes auszuschöpfen. Also im Grunde die Kunst to create together with the citizens of a city good places for the people living in a city....

We collect here individual projects for you and us, which carry this thought and which are based on "Placemaking". We create these projects because we are convinced that a city can only become a city for all through the involvement of all citizens, which may be given expression and share. 

Make a Place!

Placemaking is | Placemaking is not

  • Create places that people like

  • a participatory process

  • designed for the people

  • stimulating

  • Create spaces that can grow, are resilient and sustainable

  • vorausschauend und praktisch zugleich

  • gemeinsam zu entwickeln und Problemen zu begegnen

  • gemeinschaftsbildend

  • inklusiv

  • the survey of places according to accessibility, participation possibilities and quality of stay

  • Sharing and giving responsibility

  • Interdisciplinary and connecting

  •  is created for the city, community, neighborhood

  • to consult and involve citizens in the creation of a square
  • Create places based on a master plan

  • a controlled project

  • designed for political projects or the form

  • pretending

  •  Create spaces that are rigid, inflexible and subject to trends

  • Generate purpose-driven results

  • present a patent solution to problems

  • isolated and hierarchical

  • designed for the opinion of experts

  • the acceptance of thresholds, exclusionary structures and deficient conditions

  • controlling

  • one-dimensional

  •  Enhancing an area, neighborhood or place to market the neighborhood in a way that increases profits

  • again have a space created that is not used

Still confused? PLACEMAKING is a broad field and a topic in many interdisciplinary areas. Here are a few examples and illustrations...

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